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Yes, I'm hosting an Open House. Yes, I am scared of COVID19.

Yes, you will see me hosting Open Houses. Just don't be offended when I don't shake your hand!

My family is blessed with good health and access to medical care, and I'm just going to take a moment to appreciate that. I know that's not true for everyone, and I want to hope that people stay cognizant of the very real danger that the elderly and immuno-compromised individuals find themselves in right now. I recently read a Facebook post written by Erica Carmen Kaye, a physician at St. Jude's who stated:

"Social distancing requires an attitude of altruism. Sure, you might think: “approximately 80% of people who get this virus basically have a mild cold. Everyone is being ridiculous, and I’m not going to disrupt my life over this.” But we have increasing crowd-shared data from other countries that up to 20% of people who present for testing may require hospitalization, 5-10% may require ICU level support, and 2-4% of people may die. Some of these critically ill patients are young and previously healthy. Extrapolating from these data, my own risk of dying as a relatively healthy woman in my late 30s appears to be approximately 1/300 or 1/400, depending on the source (although possibly higher in the setting of direct patient care exposures)."

As a healthy woman in my mid 30s, that last line is pretty scary. Dr. Kaye goes on to advocate proactive measures, but not panic. I'm following in her line, and knowing that I'm in a public-facing career, I will be sure that I am washing my hands and being careful. But I'm not going to get into fistfights over toilet paper, or stop doing what I need to do to help support my family.

Let's all stay smart in our daily routines, and make sure to take a moment each day to appreciate our blessings!

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