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Why Lancaster, PA?

I’m sitting in my car at a local dairy farm, waiting for my daughter to finish her piano lessons in the main house. This view reminds me of why my husband and I chose to live in this bucolic area.

Like many kids, I couldn't wait to fly the nest and I spent the first decade of my post-college life living in the Washington, DC area amidst the hustle and bustle. There was a lot to do, my husband and I had great jobs, we owned a nice condo, and we eventually had my daughter. Our secret: we hated it. We rarely went out to enjoy the fun activities or night life, traffic was unbearable, and our condo association was the worst. Eventually, other opportunities opened up and we returned to Lancaster County, PA. And despite everything that 16 year-old me would have said, we love it. Why?

  1. Family: Besides the fact that we're closer to our families, Lancaster is a family friendly area. There are a lot of big attractions like HersheyPark, Dutch Wonderland and the Turkey Hill Experience, but there are also a lot of fun mom and pop shops! There are also really great schools with excellent advanced academic programs, as well as nearby colleges and universities that are highly recommende.

  2. City and Country Mice: We have the best of both worlds! More space, less traffic, theatre and art galleries, concerts, fine dining, rolling farmland, forested trails and river hikes! We are a few hours from DC and NYC, Philly, and beaches, and camping is So accessible.

  3. Safety: Crime rates are lower than big cities, healthcare is abundant, and many neighborhoods still have a Community mentality where people look out for each other.

  4. Acceptance: As a kid, I never thought I’d be touting the level of acceptance found in this area, but almost everyone I’ve met is LGBTQ+ and racially allied or supportive. Actually, I’ve learned that Lancaster is considered the Refugee Capital of the US, and I’ve seen how the community has rallied around our youth activists and BLM protests in a way that has truly made me proud.

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