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Who’s on YOUR Team?

Whatever walk of life you come from, it’s important to know what team you’re on, and to choose who you want to be on your team. The people we surround ourselves with can hugely impact not just our perspectives and opinions, but our decisions and success as well. Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men

[people] to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from

meddling with them while they do it.”

If you’ve played sports, served in the military, or been a part of a civic organization, you know how true this is. Chances are that your team also includes your family, a banker, work colleagues, old friends, neighbors, religious or spiritual guides, a good plumber and handyman, maybe even your UPS delivery person! You never know who can bring new ideas to your worldview. I often find myself discussing home renovations with my nutritionist and macrobiotic diets with my handyman! I recently finished the last step of orientation so that I can become an active volunteer with my local Habitat for Humanity organization, and a, eager to add more people to my team!

Have you considered keeping a reliable Realtor on your second line? You may not be a real estate investor, but chances are that you’ll need the services of a trusted Realtor several times in your life. Knowing who to turn to during those times can ease a lot of the stress and tension.

My goal as a Realtor is to build those kinds of relationships with my clients. You may not need my help for another ten years, and that’s fine, but lets stay in touch so that when you do need me you know I’ve got your back! In fact, my current approach to real estate is one of dedicated client care. I‘ve made a conscious decision to not serve more than a few clients at any given time so that I can be sure that each client receives the full attention they need and deserve. I would rather have three happy clients who become friends and neighbors, than 30 commissions from people who are just names in my address book.

So, what is your approach to team-building? Who is on your team?

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