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Trick-or-Treat with Ease

If your town is like mine, trick-or-treat falls on the night of Halloween, RAIN OR SHINE, regardless of the fact that the kids have school the next day. That said, we normally come home with two full pumpkins of candy and treats, and my daughter gets to walk around town with all her friends for the whole evening, so it's a win!

In the pre-COVID days, Trick-or-Treat was so easy. Now, there are seem to be more health-related concerns. In case you're new to this Halloween activity (or just haven't done it yourself in a while), here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Age limits. No lower limit; for the most part, people don't bat an eye at older kids (under 16ish). We generally try to avoid large groups of older trick-or-treaters when going with the youngsters because there have been incidents where people get too rowdy or just a lot of swearing. So if you are an older trick-or-treater - no judgement - please stay mindful of the young ones.

  2. Food allergies. Look for the teal pumpkins! Project Teal Pumpkin hasn't taken off everywhere, but households that provide allergy-free treats or non-food items!

  3. COVID concerns. Even after all this time, not everyone is vaccinated. Bring hand sanitizer. Period.

  4. Candy Screening. This year, in particular, I've been hearing about fentanyl scares. Honestly, most of the candy and things that people hand out come straight from the factory to a Target near you. Those aren't the kinds of items you have to worry about. And if you're going door-to-door in your own neighborhood, you have a pretty good idea of what houses to avoid. Still, we always screen the candy. If the wrapper is ripped or looks in any way funny, that piece goes in the trash. If it looks fine but it's a peanut butter cup, it goes in my stomach. And we don't accept homemade treats, but thanks anyway.

  5. Alcohol. I admit, I spike my walking coffee. Not a lot, but enough to make getting run over by mini-goblins in a sub-40 degree rain tolerable. With that in mind, I don't let anyone else drink it. And I watch out for other adults who may have spiked more judiciously. Because we're kindred spirits.

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