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Star Wars Wisdom (Lockdown Reflections, Pt. 2)

During this lockdown time, my husband and I have been basically forcing a Star Wars education on our daughter. We've made it through the first 7 episodes, as well as Solo and Rogue One. There are a lot of golden nuggets throughout the series that we can draw from in real life. One that has always resonated with me is Yoda's iconic "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

I've jokingly told my husband that in business and in life, there is no Plan B. You have a Plan A, and if it doesn't work out as expected, you adapt and roll with the punches. But if you start out with a Plan B, then it's too easy to give up on Plan A and just fall back. Plan B is Plan B for a reason - it's not as good as Plan A. Don't make it easy on yourself, make the most ideal Plan A possible, and then work hard to stick to it and make it happen!

Of course I know that isn't realistic. Sometimes you do need to have a back-up plan. But the most important thing is to just HAVE A PLAN. It's important to have a road map that you can follow and mark your progress against. It's just as important to not beat yourself up if you need to alter your road map along the way. Sometimes bridges get washed out, there are traffic jams, or you just need to take a more scenic route and let the wind blow through your hair. That's okay, as long as you keep doing something, keep moving.

Real estate isn't my first career. It's not even my second or third. But I've entered into this career with full dedication and am giving it 100%, because it's not Plan B, it's THE PLAN. Several people have shared various statistics: 60-80% of new agents close up shop within the first year or two. 85-90% can expect to fail within five years. Etc.

They don't know me so well, I guess. My response can only be: "I find your lack of faith disturbing." (Darth Vader)

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