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Spring Cleaning in the Time of Coronavirus

This month marks one year since COVID-19 forced sweeping changes across our nation. Reflecting back on the past year, we are all too familiar with the stress and heartbreak caused. So many more kids have developed mental health issues. Adults have been faced with temporary and permanent changes in employment. Our healthcare system has been challenged. Riots and elections have divided our nation. Virtual meetings are the new norm. Even now, as vaccines are starting to slowly become available (too slowly in some of our nearby counties), a lot remains uncertain about the upcoming year.

It's been a year of transformation, yet some things remain much the same. Families are the backbone of our country. We keep moving forward, ever adapting, optimistic that this year will bring change.

One tradition that remains steady and symbolizes change and hope for the year ahead is Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning stems from many cultures and religions, but among them all it represents cleaning out the old and stagnant, the dirty grime of winter to make way for a bright and glorious spring. This is a particularly apt tradition this year, as we not only need to clean out the stale air and dust that accumulates over the winter, but throughout the homebound, socially distant atrocity that was 2020.

The act of spring cleaning is, of course, symbolic as well. It's a great time to play some music and dance to lighten the mood, or to just lose yourself in the whir of the vacuum as you reflect on the last year and focus your intent on the positive that you want to see in 2021.

In real estate news, this year has been a seller's market! So if you've ever considered selling your home or downsizing, this could be the perfect time and a good spring cleaning may be just what you need to motivate yourself to take the plunge and make the best of this opportunity! Let me know if I can help (with selling your house, not cleaning it - I have enough cleaning with 2 dogs of my own!). :)

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