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Sow Good Karma - (and photos of me doing crazy things)

I am a firm believer in trying to be the best person I can be. To do good for the sake of doing good. That said, sometimes good things happen to us and it's harder to accept that we might, just maybe, in some small way... deserve them.

Coming off the isolation and panic of the last few years, having dealt with quarantine and caring for high risk individuals and cyber/home schooling my child, I decided to do something a little outside of my comfort zone last year. I signed up for a crazy, completely out of the box experience called GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt). I joined a team 14 other equally crazy, completely wonderful individuals located all across the globe and we completed over 200 insane tasks in just 7 days, alongside thousands of other teams. GISH benefits multiple charities doing amazing work, like supporting at-risk youth, helping refugees and war-torn countries, and drawing attention to and funding assistance for endangered animals. Basically, GISH is about raising awareness for social and environmental causes and having a really great time while doing so. (Click here for more information on GISH's charitable impact.)

I did things I never thought I'd do... made a cookie replica of the Mona Lisa, made an edible baked a circus out of only bread, let my daughter paint a mural of one of her dreams on the wall of our house, created a Star Wars battle out of salt and pepper, made an edible "Hulk" out of vegetables, cut my daughter's hair in my neighbor's pool, and dressed my dog up to look like Loki. I also made a lot of great friends, which as we all know is hard to do outside of work as a busy adult.

Recently, one of my teammates told me that her family was moving from California to Pennsylvania. I offered to help them as their Realtor, and this past week they went under contract on their new home, just 45 minutes away from me. We've become great friends, and I feel a great sense of rightness that I was able to help them. I did good, and good has come back to me. Sometimes, we just have to be open. Check out some of the crazy, whacky things I did below.

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