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Everyday Leadership

I recently was inspired by this TED Talk on "Everyday Leadership" by Drew Dudley at TEDxToronto in 2010. His main premise is that we should redefine leadership as the little things we can do every day to change someone's life. Within the first minute, Dudley threw me for a loop. He said:

"We spend so much time celebrating amazing things that hardly anyone can do, that we've convinced ourselves that those are the only things worth celebrating. And we start to devalue the things that we can do everyday. And we start to take moments where we truly are a leader, and we don't let ourselves take credit for it, and we don't let ourselves feel good about it."

How many people feel this way? I imagine most, if not all of us. I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about ways I can take charge, be even more successful, make a bigger impact. The truth is, I need to spend more time thinking about the things I do that make an impact, and how I can do them more often.

When my daughter started piano lessons, I told her that she needs to practice every day. And whenever she practices, I will try to practice as well. I took piano lessons as a kid, but haven't played faithfully for two decades. But I made a decision to lead by example, and have stuck with it. The results are that I've improved, my daughter cheers me on, she accepts praise on her progress and is inspired to do better, and she doesn't give up on her practice.

In time for Halloween, here is her rendition of The Haunted Mouse and me playing the song by Rachel Portman that I've been working on. Bonus points if you comment below and can correctly guess the title of the movie my song is from!

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