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Don't Hibernate; Sell Now!

With Pennsylvania temperatures finally dipping and the first winter frosts glazing our lawns, this is the time that many people start to go into what I call "Hibernation Mode." My daughter says this sounds like I play too much Animal Crossing, but she has no idea what I get up to on her Nintendo Switch after she goes to bed. Let's just say that there's a reason I'm the unchallenged MarioKart champion in our house.

Hibernation Mode is when we all break out our warm sweaters, cozy socks, and fleecy throw blankets, and prepare to settle into a dark, cold winter punctuated only by monthly family holiday celebrations that force us out of our sweatpants on weekends. Naturally, as a Realtor, this is also the time we start to see business slooooow way doooown. This year though, demand for homes remains high, and sellers would do well to seriously consider boycotting Hibernation Mode. Imagine I'm saying this to you in the voice of a man narrating bad ad from the 90's: "There's NO better Time to Sell!" (but really, this is true).

The Home Demand Index indicates that general market demand in the urban centers from Washington, DC to Philadelphia remains moderate. Demand is strongest for high-priced single family homes in those areas, but that price decreases as we move away from the cities. In October, Lancaster County saw 445 houses listed between $200-600k, and 403 homes were sold with a median sales price of about $300k. So far, only 10 days into November, there are currently 319 homes in this price range, with additional listings pending.

So if you've been putting off selling your home, maybe thinking that you'll wait until you can throw on a T-shirt and go outside to pull the weeds, consider this: in the winter, there are no weeds to pull. You don't have to tidily landscape your home before selling - it isn't expected. And you'll probably find a buyer just as quickly today as if you wait until April. You could be starting off your New Year with a fresh beginning.

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