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Apocalyptic Zen.

I know, the title sounds like a great Tibetan heavy metal band name. Actually, it really does.

For the foreseeable future, my days are full of homeschooling, cleaning and hygiene processes, Home Reentry Protocols, concerns about lack of work, uncertainty about the future, and TP shortages. But I'm finding that I'm more able to carve out time from my day to focus on evolving my health. I am doing about an hour each day of fitness (cardio/yoga or some combination), and finding half an hour each day to meditate. I spend more time making healthy meals, and we obviously aren't eating out right now.

Similarly, as a family, we try to find a way to balance our fears with hope; and to temper our boring, logical common sense with moments of joy. We certainly didn't go on Spring Break; but we've been fortunate enough to thus far avoid infection (as far as we know). We have to do homeschooling, but we also get to do fun things, like Star Wars movie marathons and family game nights. And yes, we do more cleaning, but guess what - the amount of laundry I do has decreased by at least 75%!

At least one of us is still able to work right now, and it's not in the scary medical field (much love and respects to our friends who deal with that horror daily!). While technically, I'm "available" for work as a Realtor, I'm going to be honest with myself and you and say that I don't anticipate anything coming down that pipe for awhile. That said, if you want a licensed Realtor who can give you her undivided professional attention... just don't expect me to meet with you in person.

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