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A New Year with Resolve

Let's face 2021 with resolve, not resolutions.

Normally, we make all sorts of New Year's resolutions that we promise ourselves we'll start tomorrow and actually accomplish. Get fit, read more books, sleep better, eat better, learn something new, etc. Most of us don't actually do that. Two years ago, my husband and I joined a gym in December. The staff told us we may want to avoid peak hours during the first three weeks of January, but then the New Year's Resolvers would taper off and business would go back to normal. They were right.

This past year, keeping resolutions was more difficult than usual. Businesses were shut down, citizens were quarantined, kids were kept home, and most people stress ate (some stress exercised, and probably look like superheroes by now - Kudos!). Overall, 2020 was not kind to us. Coronavirus, murder hornets, devastating wildfires, political unrest, violent protests, new strains of the coronavirus... if murder mosquitos start multiplying next, I'm deleting 2020 from my calendar entirely.

That said, how do we plan for 2021? It can't be as bad as 2020, right? Vaccines are rolling out, for the most part we've become accustomed to the mask/hand sanitizer routine, and a second stimulus check is on the way. But who really knows what will happen?

I don't think I can make a resolution about what I'll accomplish over the course of the year, when I don't know where my child will be attending school in September. I don't know if we'll be able to travel this year. I don't know if I'll be able to get back into the gym, or when the new wave of toilet paper shortage will end.

But I can face this year with resolve. I can be determined that 2021 will be better because even if I can't affect the circumstances, I can change how I react to them. I can be firm in my commitment to doing the right thing, speaking kindly, and avoiding toxic behaviors and people. Resolutions are fleeting. Resolve is a character trait that can be cultivated.

I hope that whatever you do this year, whatever you wish to accomplish, you are able to do so with resolve. Best wishes for a successful, healthy, "murder insect"-free 2021!

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